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Best cartoon ever nigger. You're the best motherfucker that has ever graced this site. I love this cartoon "just joshing mr fulp" it's truly a masterpiece and you know what you're doing. I think that ZabuJard is the greatest bastard bitch ass homie ever to exist fucking amazing in every way what a really cool motherfucker bitch ass bitch who's cool as shit motherfucker really goddamn cool in every conceivable way wow. You're the greatest fallopian tube fucker on planet Earth I'm going to beat my kids after realizing that I could never be as much of a genius as you are. Motherfucker ass bitch you're the homie I will always look up to because you're the motherfucking bastard ass wanker ass bitch ass son of a cunt twerking little shit whom I adore. I will always be here to love you to death and eat your shit you bastard cunt queef pissstain on the gene pool little creative wonder. I love this wonderful goddamn assmunch of a shitty ass wonderful masterpiece cartoon that's the greatest damn motherfucking holy shit wanker piss fucker ass cunt nigger bitch twat porch-monkey coon assstain of a shitty bitchfucker cartoon, you pissy little cunthole you look talk and act like Bo Burnham on meth you little cocksleeve fuckmonkey get knotted by my rapist daughter's severed dog penis homemade strap on. I love this shitty cartoon so much that I will cum constantly until the nutrients that produce sperm are no longer actively in my system enough for me to cum when I need to actually reproduce because of this wonderful travesty of an amazing cartoon.

This is essentially the Flash equivalent of the Mona Lisa. I will cherish it every sinigle day of my existence. I jest not; it is the only cartoon worth watching, you little cuntshitter. I will beat my mom to death with an axe she's a cunt anyway.

I love every detail of this every pulchritudinous facet; it's all like fine wine flowing in a decadent manner that leaves a cavalcade of pixels as though they're wafting in the breeze. There is nothing to resent about what I'm witnessing it's merely the greatest shit anyone has ever seen ever. I am not a cuntbag but a piece of shit who loves this cartoon and the greatest cartoon at that. I will continue to praise it for the rest of my life. Not a joke at all, motherfucker; I've already started and I'm not being facetious in the slightest. You are the muse of this universe; the most misunderstood genius that has ever graced this planet. There isn't a part of me that doesn't want to continue enjoying everything that you've done and continue to appreciate specifically you and only you because you are the one that needs to be cherished homeslice. Holy fucking assmunch queef bitch shitstain son of a bitch littledick motherfucker I could adore this shit all day. It's like a taste of the old Ultra-violence to Alex DeLarge; you are truly not a son of a bitch. You are the only person on Earth to make something beautiful. I love what I've just witnessed because you are the one that produced it and you are truly a mastermind. I'll bet you look like Jimmy Neutron in real life in one of those meme photorealistic depictions of him because you made this. The only cartoon I love. The only cartoon I will talk about.

I'm not joking when I say I will bleach my eyes right now so that I go permanently blind preventing me from ever witnessing a different cartoon for the rest of my life, simply because this is the best cartoon ever to exist and there is no topping it in anyone's lifetime. You have really produced something special. If you think I'm joking you don't know me you don't know me at all because you don't know me at all your anonymous appreciator.

I'm the only human being that loves this; I'm your sole fan; your true appreciator in every respect; you need to make this count. You need to understand that life is worth living and that you can accomplish great things if you just put your mind to it. Falling behind in school? You can always take a different route! It's never too late; chop chop! Trouble at work and boss is making you miserable? Find a new route because you and I mean YOU SPECIFICALLY YOU; THE CREATOR OF THIS FLASH CARTOON, YOU can do as much.

There's nothing stopping you from greatness; it's yours for the taking. You just need to pick yourself up and grab it by the balls. It's right there in front of you; what are you waiting for? You're running out of time; go right now! DO IT! No one's here to stop you it's your moment your spotlight; here's looking at you kid KEEP THE CHANGE YOU FILTHY ANIMAL FORGET ABOUT IT.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Everyone will try to indoctrinate you and distract you to lead you to believe that some other holistic perspective is all that there is to consider but THESE DIVERSIONS ARE NONSENSE; YOU ARE THE GENIUS THAT DID WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE; IT'S ALL YOU. IT'S SPECIFICALLY YOU. THAT'S YOU. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.

You're the one that can produce greatness and you're the one that can achieve greatness; if you don't believe me ask the dishes HOMIE IT'S ALL YOU. YOU CAN DO THIS; I'M NOT JESTING; I'M NOT JOSHING LIKE YOU DID WITH TOM FULP.

If you think that you haven't the capacity to be the greatest human being ever to exist you're wrong; it's that simple. YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU WILL LOVE YOU AND REGARD YOU AS FANTASTIC IF YOU SIMPLY SET YOUR MIND TO IT.

This is rather weebl reminiscent. I can't even begin to surmise what prompted this scene. I'll have to view the first episode.

Impeccable work as always.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


I was enthralled to notice a satirical animation concerning pewdiepie in my favorites feed, however, I'm a tad disappointed in how expeditiously you deterred from the original motive. I mean, not to seem perceivable as a cantankerous, nitpicky fuck, though, after that facetious remark denoting his excessive/undeserved amount of revenue through Adsense at the very beginning of the animation, you starkly veered from the entire point with irrelevant statements. Such as that Happy Wheels remark, I mean, how does that pertain to the issue? I agree that people refer to that game too often when creating Let's Plays, though, that seems like more of a proverbial poke directed at generic LPers, rather than pewdiepie's punctuality.

In terms of animation/art, however, this is impeccable. Your refulgent colors and exuberant poses are always visually engrossing and at times, effectively contribute to the humor. Also, the fact that you illustrate everything with a mouse is baffling. I don't even have half of your artistic potential and I use an Intuous4 tablet. Really, it's dumfounding that anyone can be THIS competent in operating a mouse.

Though, please. Ameliorate your creative writing during future projects and ensure that the point you're trying to convey (if any) remains consistent. You're rather close to surmounting the medium with these animations, though, writing is an imperative component to their prevalence. Just my sentiments.

Speedo responds:

Agreed wholeheartedly. I was gonna' have like little bags with dollar signs slip into the background more and more as the video went on but I felt people would get the gist - though now that I think of it, it probably would've been more effective with it. I really need to think about my writing more if I intend to parody something which I truly hate again.

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Welldoneshellfish again. I just played through the extreme ending and so forth and realized that all versions are supposed to be Irene in disguise. I retract my statements; here's the 5 I should have given.

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Pretty dank all things considered; I'm a fan. The default color scheme gives it charm and it's 2020 after all; effort is key and king I say; whatever that means. I just said it!

I ain't seen An American Tail; I might check it out soon. This dude I used to know that taught me Flash (or discussed it I knew it by that point more or less) at this run-down place in Orlando called "Elite Animation Academy" that was mainly overflowing with elementary school age kids playing Roblox instead of staying on task is actually Don Bluth's right-hand man these days. It's odd how life spins its gears 'mirite? Anyway I was toiling away at the light desks refusing to even eat to the point where the supervisor was concerned she would be accused of not feeding me while I was there when it was all on my own resolve lmfao. That was a time.

You keep on chippin', homieoli.

piss and dicks

Very well implemented. I've always been fond of this desolately enigmatic art style. It's as abstract as it is convulsion provoking.

TheN0mad responds:

yeah...not too fond of my own style..but its what im stuck with >_<
thanks tho man im glad you like it


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